am an Elite Powerman Duathlete for Great Britain and I spend my entire training time running, cycling and working in the gym. Making sure my posture is correct is vital for gaining the best out of my body so that I can continue to train and compete to a high level without injury.

Claire has been vital in obtaining this as a top Podiatrist. I have one leg dramatically shorter than the other which affects me considerable in my running. Effecting my technique, power and ultimately resulting in injuries over the long distances I cover in Powerman. I have worked closely with Claire to make sure I gain the best out of my running. A thorough postural and gait analysis was performed and moving me onto a thorough running analysis so that all bases were covered to make sure she knew exactly what she was working with. Thorough feedback is always given and then the “magic” can take place!

I have never had such a thorough subjective assessment carried out followed up with an excellent management plan. The cast is made to perfection and the result is a pair of fantastic orthotics, personal to your needs.
I have had an amazing result from wearing these, day in day out in my sporting life and even my working life as a Paramedic. I have noticed far more muscular balance and an overall body power increase all of which has moved me from a decent Age Group athlete to now performing at the highest point in my sport as an Elite Athlete. I have dropped minutes off my running times and this has the knock on effect of increasing my power on the bike. I cannot thank Claire enough for her thorough and professional approach to her work and I highly recommend her skills to any athlete at any level. Thank you!

Chris Roxburgh

Claire is the fourth foot specialist that I have visited in Jersey and I would say she is the best I have seen. I have suffered from lower back pain for many years which I had not realised was linked to high arches in my feet. As a result of consultations with Claire and resulting orthotic insertions into my shoes my condition has dramatically improved. Claire is extremely professional and takes much pleasure in helping her clients.

Richard Joynt

I am 77 years old, retired, in good health and a keen golfer. One morning as I stepped out of bed I suffered an excruciating pain in my foot and was unable to put any weight on it. I was barely able to walk and extremely concerned about the condition.

I was recommended by a friend to visit Claire and she diagnosed a classic case of Plantar Fasciitis. Over the next few weeks, she treated me with an intensive course of laser treatment, fitted me with a pair of orthoses for my shoes and explained the various exercises that would help. It was also essential that I wear trainers at all times to continue to support the foot and aid healing of the tear.

Four months later I am now almost 100% recovered and will continue on a maintenance plan of treatment with Claire. I now no longer have to wear trainers all day but she recommends that I continue to wear the innersoles in all shoes, particularly when golfing. I am happy to say that I am now saving a fortune by no longer having to pay to hire a buggy at the Golf Club!

I would thoroughly recommend an appointment with Claire to get a general assessment as walking incorrectly can often result in many other issues.

Michael Lawrence